Wednesday, April 30, 2008

more ideas...

I still have not updated my shop blog. Getting photos of the products is the hang up. If you have questions about sizes, color and price send me an email, or leave me a comment.

This pendant was made with the white acrylic circle pendant and a basic grey rub-on. Super, super easy and super, super cute!

And below is a very belated thank you gift I made with the 3x5 clear album. Here are a few of the pages.

Each page has a gift card with a small piece of paper tucked in behind for journaling. Once the gift card is removed, the journaling card will fill it's spot.


Valonda L. said...

That necklace pendant is SO beautiful. Simple is wonderful sometimes.

Kimber-Leigh said...

what a great idea for the gift card album! terrific!

and i think i'm going to have to order some of those white pendants!