Wednesday, April 30, 2008

more ideas...

I still have not updated my shop blog. Getting photos of the products is the hang up. If you have questions about sizes, color and price send me an email, or leave me a comment.

This pendant was made with the white acrylic circle pendant and a basic grey rub-on. Super, super easy and super, super cute!

And below is a very belated thank you gift I made with the 3x5 clear album. Here are a few of the pages.

Each page has a gift card with a small piece of paper tucked in behind for journaling. Once the gift card is removed, the journaling card will fill it's spot.

Monday, April 14, 2008

winner and a style file idea!

We thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's favorite desserts. Our family dessert days will never be the same thanks to all of your suggestions. Take a look at the comments and perhaps you will find some delicious inspiration for yourself.

We are a big fan of brownies and ice cream for dessert.

This brownie was topped with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and Reese's peanut butter sauce. Is your mouth watering?

So yes that means the winner is

STepahanie who said...

ok, i've tried and i can't narrow it down to just one, so i'll give you my two favorites.

1. warm brownies with chocolate ice cream, reese's peanut butter sauce and lots of whip cream from a can

2. puppy chow (that's what we call it) you know...crispex cereal with peanut butter and chocolate coated in powdered sugar.

yummy...definitely a trend...peanut butter and chocolate.

Have you ever watched yourself eat with a live is a little weird. We were shooting for a great photo of us enjoying the dessert. There was lots of laughing.

Our empty plate.

I will also have to make the puppy chow Stephanie suggested. I used to make that all the time in college with my roommates.

And below, my clear Style File, full of inspiration.

Stephanie, email me what color you would like and your address.

Thanks everyone for participating and being patient with us and our illness. Everyone is healthy now and our taxes are done. Yippee!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Giveaway Delay

So, like Diane said in the previous post, we have been experiencing some sickness in the Reeves house this week. First, it was Stella with a fever and me with some kind of crazy 48 hour (and counting) sinus headache. Now, Diane and Emma are suffering from a fever that seems to create in them a desire only for sleeping.

Because of our most unfortunate state, we will be delaying the giveaway originally planned for today. We have not, however, delayed dessert day.

Thanks for your patience, we will conduct the drawing soon...


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

procrastination...not such a good idea =)

Half of the Reeves are sick. Poor Stella has a high fever and Jeremy has a terrible migraine this evening. Everyone is asleep and the house is quiet tonight. I have so much creative energy, I want to go cut and paste and start something new, but darn it, I have a pile of receipts that must be dealt with for our taxes. We have never waited until April to finish taxes, and ahem, we would probably have them done, if I had been a little more organized when d. reeves design house began last year. It is SO much more fun to organize other things though, like my inspiration style file and the girls Christmas ornaments. I worked on both projects this past weekend. I will have to share pictures of the Style File in another post, Jeremy has the camera as his office at the moment.

I am off to shuffle receipts...have a good evening.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Giveaway!

I love Thursdays; they feel like Friday because Jeremy has Fridays off. We have the girls tucked in bed, a movie came in the mail yesterday...time to relax. My type of relaxing usually involves multitasking. We plan to watch a movie tonight and I think, "Great now I can sort that stack of papers that have been piling up." I am working on organizing all my magazine pull-outs into my Style File this weekend. I probably won't finish, but that's okay; at least I will get started and share my progress with you.

Oh, and we will be doing another giveaway, this time for the Style File. In honor of Thursday, Jeremy's dessert day, to enter the drawing you must leave us a comment with your favorite dessert. We will do the drawing next Thursday and Jeremy will sample the dessert of the winning comment, so make it yummy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

drawing, and a little bit of gratitude

Thanks for all of your kind comments about our products. We really think d. reeves stuff is top notch. We are glad that so many of you enjoy it so much.

A bit of housekeeping: if you would like d. reeves products available locally, send your local scrapbook store owner to my blog and have them shoot me an email.

And now for the winner, thanks to the random number generator, operated by my sweet (not to mention handsome) husband, number 44, Susan C. from Round Rock!

Congrats Susan! You can choose between a clear, pink or white Mini Style File. Email me your address and what you would like.

We will post another giveaway this Thursday for a Style File.