Thursday, March 27, 2008

Husband in the Blog-House Give Away

Hello everyone,
I'm the "j" in "d. reeves design house"; Diane's husband, Jeremy. Diane has been extremely busy the past couple of weeks, especially keeping up with our little busy bees. They are very creative, and very energetic, and we love 'em so much, and sometimes they make us down-right crazy. So in this more-active-than-usual season, Diane asked me to post a, here I am, posting.

Part of the extreme busy-ness is due to the enthusiastic response to our new products: the addition of pink and white to our album line up, and also the introduction of two new products, the Style File and Mini Style File. And, of course, when you have new stuff, what better way to celebrate than to give some of it away? This give away will be a Mini Style File in the color of your choosing: pink, white or clear.

So leave a comment, we'll draw the winner on Tuesday, April 1st (no fooling). We will have another give away next week of another of our new products, so check back!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

another close up...

I thought I would share another close up of a project we featured in our new products post.

My gift guide, created using my clear Mini Style File.

My gift guide is a place to jot down gift ideas for family and friends, as well as what gifts we have given to them in the past.

So, I created 5 page dividers using cardstock and adhesive divider labels.

Here are my categories:
-My family
-J's family
-Teachers ( I may broaden this category in the future, but for now I will stick with this)

I have 3 sheets of notebook paper per person, Birthday, Christmas and Other Holidays.
I put the year and the gift given. I will use sticky notes for jotting down my gift ideas for each person.

Pretty simple. I put mine together in the car while we are on a short road trip a few weekends ago.

Monday, March 24, 2008

thanks ali....

Have you visited Ali's blog today? I am so happy she mentioned our new white 4x6.5 album. She will use the album to document her family's spring break getaway. Thanks Ali!

In my last post I shared my Patterns Book. I used my white 4x6.5 album. I love the simple, modern cover in contrast with the variety of patterns on the inside. It is such an easy book to make, plus, it is a great place to stash bits of your favorite papers or fabric and experiment with combining different patterns.

Here is my book below. I will continue to add pages to my book as I find more patterns that I love.

Thanks for visiting and email me if you would like to order some new products. I don't have them up on my shop blog did I get so behind?