Tuesday, March 25, 2008

another close up...

I thought I would share another close up of a project we featured in our new products post.

My gift guide, created using my clear Mini Style File.

My gift guide is a place to jot down gift ideas for family and friends, as well as what gifts we have given to them in the past.

So, I created 5 page dividers using cardstock and adhesive divider labels.

Here are my categories:
-My family
-J's family
-Teachers ( I may broaden this category in the future, but for now I will stick with this)

I have 3 sheets of notebook paper per person, Birthday, Christmas and Other Holidays.
I put the year and the gift given. I will use sticky notes for jotting down my gift ideas for each person.

Pretty simple. I put mine together in the car while we are on a short road trip a few weekends ago.


Anne Alley said...

I love these!! I can't wait to get the file covers, they are fabulous!


Kimber-Leigh said...

i love the style file design! can't wait to order some!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Hi Diane, I love those white albums... Gotta get me some!!! Thx

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Totally cute! Love it!