Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thanks for visiting this blog; it's a great place to find ideas for using my products. Have you made albums using d. reeves design house albums or pendants? If so, send me the photos, and I will post them here. We can all inspire each other.

Also, I am working on our new line of products. I am very excited, I know you will love them! They should be available in the first of the year. You can see my current products here.

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Maggie T said...

Ack! I still haven't seen clear albums in Australia! Does anyone have them?? Must I resort to buying online? Ok, if you insist.
The albums look so cool! And thanks - I just nabbed your title for a couple of mini-albums I am doing for the MIL's. I was stuck on what to put on the front. (Alas, they are not clear albums. I must wait patiently for those)
I'm adding you to my blogs list!

happydays525 said...

Can't wait to see what you are working on Diane! I'm sure it's fabulous as always! Our group of ladies will be working on the pendants in a couple weeks time, hoping they'll let me take photos so I can share! =)

Have a great weekend!